Mission Statement


The Mission of Marion Fire Department is to provide the citizens and visitors of the City of Marion with the highest level of life safety and protect their property through the extension of fire suppression rescue services, medical response, fire prevention public education and other emergency services.  ​

Organizational Values

Marion Fire Department was established in 1892.   We are a combination department which is manned by both career and volunteer firefighters.  We have 8 career firefighters that work a 24 hour on, 48 hours off schedule.  Our volunteers are dedicated firefighters that are highly trained and capable members of our department.  


Fire Departments are rated on their effectiveness by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO).  This rating is known as a Public Protection Classification (PPC) or more commonly as an ISO classification. Marion Fire Department currently holds an ISO Classification of 3.  ISO classification is used by insurance companies to determine insurance premiums.  The higher the ISO classification the lower the effectiveness of the fire department and the higher the homeowner will pay in premiums.  The lower the ISO Classification the more the homeowner saves in insurance premiums.


Our mission is best accomplished through the application of organizational values to which each of us commits to in the course of our work. 

We value…

  • The faith and trust of the community, and continually work to deserve that confidence through attitude, conduct, and accomplishments. We recognize that the community is the reason for our existence.

  • The talents of our members and encourage responsible decision making at the most appropriate level. We recognize the importance of personal and professional development.

  • The level and quality of service we deliver to the community. We are committed to continuous improvement and are attentive to the changing needs of the people we serve.

  • Open and honest communication. Communication and consensus form the foundation of our department. The system is a unique and complex collection of agencies, citizens, elected officials, hospitals, firefighters, and medical personnel and countless others dedicated to the success of the department. Maintaining open communications and commitment to cooperation and consensus building are essential to our continued success.